10 Things you need to do for Yourself this Year

Stop overthinking you can’t control everything just let it be

1) Hold your Horses!

Don’t go dashing off ahead of yourself. A lot of people fail to make changes in the new year because they get overwhelmed and overthink everything. No doubt you have been building up all the things you wanted to change for yourself this new year and you have lots of wonderful plans and goals but if you Try to do everything all at once you will make it impossible for yourself to achieve these things. Everything can’t happen in a flash. If you end up getting frustrated with yourself you will not get very far or feel very happy or accomplished. Take a little bit at a time every day. It can be hard to just say I will do this one tiny task today and be happy with that but you will get better at it and it all adds up and you will find you start achieving what you want quicker than you think.

2) Show yourself UNDERSTANDING!

So you weren’t able to become an astronaunt in a week or learn to play the fiddle in a day or get your promotion this month or drop 10 pounds in three weeks. You might not get everything done in the next three months. In fact it might take you a year or more to achieve some of your goals but if you learn to accept what you have done so far and if you learn to be grateful for your current achievements you will feel happier. Be persistent in pushing towards what you want this year but don’t stress if you have not 

True Love is born from Understanding – Buddha

3) Be GRATEFUL for what you have.

You have so many things already have you focused on that? If we only focus on what we don’t have yet it creates negative thought and a negative environment. If you start being grateful for talents, family, friends and things you already have you will naturally feel better and happier and also draw more of these things to you. As humans we desire more and more. Once we have something we want something else and we forget completely how much we have and how much happiness these things actually bring us.


I spent far too much time dwelling in the past and worrying about the future. Yes the future does deserve thought but I can’t do anything about the future until I do little things today that change it. The more you start doing things today the more fulfilled you will feel tomorrow. We drag things from the past. Be it failures or negative memories and we allow them to change the way we feel and to define us when we need to place them somewhere where we can acknowledge and accept them for what they are but also know that we are not our past. We can learn from it but it does not need to make us unhappy anymore. It no longer exists. It’s gone.

Become present in your body right now! Breath deeply, see whats in front of you, feel, smell, taste and touch. This is a real moment you can have power over.

Each Morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most – Buddha

5) Embrace Your Creativity

You can do so many things. Do you know that? Has anyone ever told you that? Well I’m telling you 🙂 you are capable of creating and achieving wonderful things. Dive in and don’t be afraid to try new things. Use your imagination and remain positive about your abilities. Create, create, create!

6) See Reality

It’s not always easy to see things how they really are. you have to be open and sometimes you have to to be brave to see things how they really are. This does not only apply to bad things. People are very good at seeing the negatives and the glass half empty but what about the good parts? You may have been working on a project and it isn’t working out the way you’ve hoped but see what you have done right as well as what you have done wrong.

Other people can influence how you see a situation be it good or bad so be sure to be separate in your thinking take a moment to reflect and see what you can learn and where you can go from here taking the good things from it. Sometimes you can find yourself in a situation that isn’t healthy for you but you can convince yourself everything is fine. In that case you need to open your eyes to the negative situation and do what is best for you. Don’t be afraid of reality because it is constantly changing.


7) Stop Comparing

This is definitely a thing dislike and see a lot of. Yes as humans we tend to compare but this is a habit and one that often leads to us having negative feelings. Instead of looking at someone and being happy or at least content with the fact that they are doing well or noticing the things they have or have achieved without it affecting our attitude or emotion we go crazy! We get jealous and angry and hateful. What good does this do? Instead LEARN to be okay with others and their lives and their achievements. You are unique and you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and playing the blame game.

If you look into your neighbours yard and see they have grown beautiful prize winning roses and you spend your time hating them for this. Does it make their roses any less beautiful? Does it stop their garden from blooming? Does it suddenly make your roses grow? No. So focus on your own garden and be grateful you have the ability to achieve and grow just like they have. Take inspiration from others and be happy and share love not hatred and anger.

Stop Standing in other peoples Shadows and instead Project your own light –

8) Give other people a break

Yes this is still about you but how you treat and see others will change how you act and feel. Are you the person who gets angry when others mess up? For example if someone leaves their lights on full at night when driving towards you instead of dimming do you decide angrily to turn yours up and blind them back until they pass you or do you remain calm and maybe give them a reminder flash back so they can adjust because you realise they could have been upset and having a bad day and simply forgot briefly to dim?? Sorry for the long example 😛 but its food for thought dear Wattson.

Do you come from a place of understanding for others or do you jump to conclusions and let others actions cause your emotions to go loopy? Often the anger and stress we allow others to make us feel will distract our minds from more productive thoughts and ideas and will create a negative demotivating mood.

If we could look into each others hearts and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat each other more gently,
with more love, patience, tolerance and care – Marvin J. Ashton

9) Obstacles are going to come

If the path to achieving your dreams was easy we would all get there quite quickly. No journey through life is easy unless you wish to do nothing but even then life has a way of pushing you to do something. Just understand that of course there will be things you need to figure out along the way. There will be hiccups. There will maybe be burps. In fact their may even be throw-up along the way but you can get through it.

Obstacles don’t have to Stop you. If you run into a Wall, don’t turn around and give up.
Figure out how to Climb it, go Through it or Work around it – Michael Jordan

10) Take your power back

Sounds a bit cheesey but what I’m trying to say is you need to take responsibility for your life. There is no point sitting around feeling like the world owes you something for things that happened in your past. you could wait forever for someone to change their ways and say sorry for past wrongs. The power lies with you to take control and move forward. Create the life you want to have and don’t hold yourself back. Don’t make excuses or throw blame around. No time will ever be perfect and you can’t let fear hold you back. Now is the time to feel how you want and do what you need to do.

When writing your story don’t let anyone else hold the pen.

Make the most of this year and build good habits. Change your way of thinking because you and only you have the power to change it. Take little steps every day. I would say you can’t expect to reach the top of the mountain without learning to climb but in fact you need to learn to crawl and walk and fall many times and get back up with the attitude that you will try again before you can even consider the mountain. You can achieve more this year than you ever did before but you must believe it and follow it and understand what it takes to get there. The person you have always wanted to be is already existing you just have to shake off the negative traits you have learned over the years and start fresh.

Let’s make it the best and happiest year yet!


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