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Are you Fat? The Perfect size?

Hi honey bunches sorry for the delay! My final year of college is keeping me very busy. I would like to discuss a really important big, fat issue with you today. Yes she said that dreaded word that makes you want to cry, FAT! So babe tell me….. are you fat? Or do you just think you are?

It seems like every women these days is on some kind of a diet from cabbage soup to tapeworms there seems to be no length a women won’t go to for fast weight loss. This fat obsession is even starting to become a problem for teenage girls who follow the unhealthy example of their peers and parents. We are all looking for that secret potion, that magic vegetable, tummy tightening tea that is going to nip and tuck overnight and turn you into what you think is the perfect version of you.

So what is the perfect body shape? And how can we all get one? Well the truth is there is there is no app for that! At least not yet! And there’s no such thing as one “type” of shape we can all achieve (sorry to break it to you). Instead we should be focusing on achieving the healthiest shape for us as unique individuals. I know, how shit? but that’s the reality.

So here is my advice on the subject AND some ways to figure out what YOUR perfect size really is.

Stop comparing: One issue in particular that women struggle with is comparing clothes sizes with other women. We all know the conversation “Oh my God your a size 6! I wish I could be. I hate myself now, I’m not going to eat a thing tomorrow and blah! Blah! Blah!” Shut the front door! It’s true that a clothes size can be an indicator of when you have put on a few pounds like when you struggle with that top button after a long winter but you really shouldn’t ever look at someone who wears the smallest size available and think it is therefore the most desirable one for you to have.

In this modern century women waste their lives struggling to be something they will never be rather than understanding and being happy with what they have. Did you knowthat two people can be of a healthy weight but be two different clothes sizes? It is also important to understand that the taller you are the heavier you will be. Doesn’t that make sense? If someone is 5ft4 and another person is 5 ft 9, the taller person will not only be heavier but they will naturally require more fat than the person who is shorter.

The person who is taller most likely has a wider frame than the shorter person too. They will have a wider pelvis and wider shoulder girdle. These are things you cannot change no matter how much you diet unless you get a surgeon to remove part of your bones!

Oh wow you look so skinny how did you do it? oh I just had a surgeon remove part of my pelvis and some of my ribs and now I’m AWESOME!!

Understand YOUR body: Obviously there is a significant amount of people that genuinely need to lose weight in this country, unfortunately including children but there is also a huge increase in women and young girls trying to lose weight when they truly don’t need to. What we need is to learn how to manage our weight safely without developing unhealthy psychological relationship with food. Ask yourself what is the right shape for you realistically. Is there certain genes in your family that predisose you to certain traits such as wider hips or wider shoulders. Understand that you can’t change what your momma gave you and be grateful if you are healthy!

A common complaint for women is tummy fat. Please understand just deciding you will not eat or cutting out carbohydrates completely or doing some other stupid thing will not target just your belly fat it will affect your entire body negatively, your hormones your organs your cells EVERYTHING! so don’t be a silly billy.

Balance is key: If you want to achieve the perfect weight for you then you just need to add balance to your life. You need to eat what nature provides cut out the crap as much as you can and exercise or just move your body regularly. It’s not complicated we just make it so with our over complicated lives. Yes it may take time and patience which is another thing we all seem to lack but that is all that stops you, isn’t it?

Those who do need to lose weight need to know that these fad diets will not work long term. You will lose muscle as well as fat and as a result you will slow down your metabolism. Which means your body will want to cling to every little bit of fat you have which is not exactly what you were going for is it?

The main message for everyone is to focus on fit not fat! Reduce the amount of time you spend worrying about weight and lets all try to reduce the relentless anger we have towards our bodies.

Just live healthily, be active and enjoy your life.

What I do to maintain my figure:


  • Exercise regularly (cardio & resistance)
  • Eat raw vegetables and fruit daily
  • Yoga & meditation for stress relief
  • Swimming
  • Home cooked meals
  • Reduce processed foods
  • Plenty of protein for toning and muscle repair (Natural sources, yoghurt, fish ect)

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Take the test answer these questions

Do you have a negative relationship with food?

  • Do you think about food all the time?
  • Do you feel guilty or ashamed about eating? Are you frightened of putting on weight or do you check your weight all the time?
  • Do you worry all the time about your weight or body shape or about what you’re eating?
  • Do you deliberately deprive yourself of food to lose weight?
  • Do you force yourself to purge after consuming food?
  • Are you very critical of yourself and your body?
  • Do you eat when you feel depressed or down about yourself?

If you answered yes to any of the above you may have an unhealthy relationship with food and you should ask someone for help. Don’t hesitate people want to help I promise 🙂

For help please contact 1890 200 444

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