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B*tch Stole my Camera Cyber crime

Hi my lovelies! 

Sorry about the Headline but it’s true! My Camera has been stolen. I had a wonderful Sony A37 that basically was what helped me get established on Youtube and with my website and its GONE!! possibly forever. I was really quite upset about it, to describe it mildly, I actually felt like taking a baseball bat upside this persons head, because of the emotional attachment I had built with this inanimate object over the years.

So I decided to let you know exactly what happened and what it is like to be a victim of cyber crime just in case it ever happens to you AND DON’T WORRY I am working on getting a new camera so I won’t be without my youtube family for long!

I had listed my camera on I had never listed anything there before so it was a new experience but as far as I knew it was a reputable site. I wanted to sell it because I had a plan to buy a present for my wonderful boyfriend for Christmas and to buy a cheaper model I had my eye on with a flip screen.

So with all these big dreams in my head I spent my €1 for my listing and put my camera up for sale. within two days I had an interested buyer who wanted the item “As a gift” so after they said they would give me an extra €35 for postage I said SURE no feckin’ problem bringing my total for the sale up to €535 I sent a Paypal request as this has never EVER given me trouble before and everything seemed normal. I would like to state I am used to Ebay NOT donedeal so I assumed it might be a little different. I received an email stating that the item was paid for with all the lovely little Paypal logos ect so I was very sure as things looked official that they acctually were. I then received an email that Paypal could not release the funds until proof of postage and there was even a link provided to provide proof. I had heard that asking for proof of postage was not an unusual thing so I believed it….MISTAKE NUMBER 1!!! The way Paypal will ask of proof of postage is completely different but I didn’t know this so I posted that dam camera!! By Registered post costing me €39!

So I decided to check my Paypal after proof of postage was sent….still no funds…what the hell was going on. This was when my pulse started to quicken and I had that horrible sickly thought…..scam artists. Oh Sh*t!!! So I rang Paypal and because there was no messages actually sent from them AND the ones I was sent were fake there was nothing they could do about it… or would do about it I should say. They told me to contact the police so I did.

The Police then passed me to their “Crime unit” or whatever it was and they told me to talk to “Action Fraud”, Well as it turns out Action Fraud doesn’t take much “Action” because all they do is file a report they can’t help you get any money back (Which they state on the recording as you are waiting almost  a half an hour listening to before they answer your call), they can’t go to the bad guys house and drag them out by the sack! and you will not hear back about your crime for 6-8 weeks! and although the man I was talking to was very nice it all seemed rather pointless!

What really bugs me about the whole thing was that I actually have an address!! and the freaking scam Artist actually signed for my camera at this address!!! My camera has been delivered to this address! YET the police do not actually seem interested in going there to investigate.

The Action Fraud people told me to call the police back as I had an address that was linked to the criminals but when I did call the police back they put me BACK through to their BS “crime unit” thingy and I was on the phone to a rather cold person called “Julie” which happened to be the same name I had to post my camera to! This “Julie”  went on and on asking me what this well known “donedeal” was?? and asking me what an English person was doing on donedeal??? (Because as I am in Ireland she just assumed that no one outside of Ireland would be on this buy and sell site……..sigh) so after explaining to this Julie what it was and that everyone! that’s right…..EVERYONE can use this site including English people to buy and sell Items and that I had thought they had paid through Paypal when they hadn’t and after desperately trying to stress to her that I had an actual address! and that all I wanted was someone to look into it. I got nowhere.

After giving her the address and more precious time passing that she could have been using to get relevant information she asked me to give her my reference number from the report I had submitted with Action Fraud …. this is shit I could have given her immediately if she wasn’t asking stupid questions all the way through our conversation. Then when I was half-way through this number my phone cut off saying I had spent all my phone credit. Wonderful….just wonderful. I had just topped up before the calls with €20 so now I was down a total or €60 in cash and the value of my camera over €500 and the people who were supposed to be there to help were not making this any better by the looks of things. In fact the people who are supposed to be there to help are now costing me more money.

So POP there goes my dream bubble of selling my beautiful camera and getting some extra spending money. POP there goes my new camera with a flip screen and POP there goes my purse exploding any money I had left….. but you know what??? Karma will get those a**holes if the police don’t and they will have their day where justice is served. I firmly believe that because what they did is truly nasty and to top it off they had sent fake emails after that supposedly from Paypal asking me to send them money!! obviously I didn’t fall for that but I am so frustrated that I sent them my wonderful camera. I do know that something bad will come back on them for what they have done I just hope it gets them soon!

I really don’t think that the police or the Action Fraud people will actually do a single thing to help me. There is so so much fake emails and cyber crimes happening every day I just didn’t think I would be one of them and I certainly didn’t think that when it happened I would be passed around and it would be impossible to get some solid help from anyone.

I think the most important thing I have to say is do not trust anyone if you are selling something online. Do not send anything until you are 100% sure the item is paid for! and do not sell anything you are emotionally attached to unless you are sure you can meet the buyer and sell it in person if you really need to sell it.

I would also like to add that I was sure this kind of thing would never happen to me but at the time I was so focused on what I needed the money for and so focused on my little dreams and wants that I did not see what the hell was going on.

No one will really give you any help when it comes to these types of crimes and it is sad that you still have to feel like this when it happens and if you are a victim of a crime remember what goes around comes around and these people will have their day when justice is served whether the “crime squad” or something else makes that happen. Negative energy attracts negative energy and all I can say is you may have hurt me by stealing my camera but I will move on stronger from here and you might trick me once but I wont let you trick me twice. Also run very fast if you ever cross my path……just saying.

I hope this makes people more aware of the lack of help for victims of cyber crime and the urgent improvements that need to be made. Make sure you are very vigilant when selling things online and trust no one. Unfortunately we live in this sort of world. I just lost a material possession it can be replaced in time but if you lost a lot of money to these scammers it could be the difference between you making your rent payment or not so don’t be fooled.

Thanks for reading and I would give you helplines for these crimes……but they would not be of any help to you. You are on your own with this stuff.


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