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Coping with Loss

Loss comes in many forms but it brings about the same feelings, although different in intensity, with different situations. Loss of a job, death of a loved one or the end of a relationship, loss of friendship or of treasured possessions. All can bring about emotions we can all relate to such as anger, fear, sadness, depression, regret and loneliness.

At times of loss it is important for us to grieve and this can happen over various lengths of time. It is not something that can be rushed and it is a completely natural part of being human when it does happen. Often times when a family experiences a trauma or loss they expect everyone to grieve and express their emotion as they do at the same time but you can’t force healing or grieving. If someone is at the “calm and holding it together right now” stage and someone else is at the “I want to punch a sack of spuds and cry all night” stage…. that’s okay….. 

With every loss we are faced with a decision. You can choose to embrace the change that has happened or allow it to drag you to the depth of despair and destroy you. As hard as a loss was, you cannot fight what has now passed.

People get stuck when they cling to “What if’s” and what they think they should have done. They become stuck in time and then life passes by around them.  You have a chance to do good things no matter how hard a situation has been and take this moment of loss and turn it into a time to create, to change, to guide, to love and to heal. Use it to become stronger to make things better.

Time waits for no one and moments will come that are going to be difficult and test you. There will also be joyous moments, moments of celebration and new life, moments of new energy and dreams coming true. Don’t forget that my beautiful souls. Don’t let those good things pass you by because you are clinging to a moment that is no longer there.

This too, shall pass

When life fills your fields with shit you can focus on the bad smell and how terrible this situation looks or else you can say…Great! I’ve got manure! let’s see what beautiful things I can grow out of this pile of shit.- Cara

It’s okay to want to be happy again, did you know that? no one wants or expects you to be sad about something forever no matter how bad it was. If they do you need to tell them to feck off! because you don’t need negativity or anyone to hold you back from happiness during this life. Life is hard enough as it is. If you feel guilt or regret remember that this will not serve you to hang on to it and forgiveness must start. We all make mistakes and life carries on you must keep moving too.

Its not easy and I truly understand this but again it all comes down to you making the choice to do good things with what’s happened. Learn what you can from whatever has happened and although you may not see it yet something positive usually presents itself after a loss or hardship. There is a moment after a storm where the birds start singing again and life and opportunities creep out from wherever they have been hiding. Storms and darkness only last so long, don’t be afraid to open your eyes and your hearts again to light, joy and new beginnings when the time comes.

For those who have experienced loss in any way, shape, or form remember that you can take valuable lessons from them and that they might even be directing you towards a better job, adventures, relationships or other life opportunities.

For those who have experienced the loss of a loved one, I send you my love. This pain and grieving process can take years. Hold on to the good memories lift them up and let them shine. Trust that life has brought you here for a reason, as it has done with many others although that reason might not be clear right now. Sometimes death is followed by new life and that is something so beautiful you will want to have your hearts and eyes open to receive it. Keep moving and keep turning pages on your story.

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