How Art Can Make You Happier

Art is a beautiful thing. A thing that can be enjoyed by people whether or not they can draw a straight line. Painting and creating things has been both an escape and a therapy for me since I was a child. I’d say I spent a lot of my childhood lying on my belly on the floor sketching away on a piece of paper. When “Art Attack” would come on I would sit with eyes glued to the telly, sparkles in one hand, scissors in the other awaiting instructions. It was something I could completely focus my energy on for hours on end.

Today I want to share how powerful and beneficial art can be for positive mental health and stress management. Even if you are not the creator of an Artwork it can still speak to you. Simply being in the presence of artworks can awaken feelings and dreams. It can capture moments in time. Paintings, sculptures and other artworks speak to whoever will take a moment to listen. So here are some ways in which art should be apart of your life in some way, shape or form.


It’s Frees you:
You don’t have to be doing anything fancy, you could be doodling on a notebook, carving lino, painting egg shells, gluing bits of felt to a piece of wood, covering yourself in sparkles and getting bits of card and paper stuck in your hair (Like I always do) and looking like a big kid….or a big eejit! but who cares! Art will engross you. It will distract your brain from every other thought. It give you a chance to be free of worries for a little while. It gives your brain a chance to solve things without you pushing for it. Painting and creating forces me into the present moment, it takes your entire attention.

It Kicks Stress in the Ass:
As stated above it takes you into the present moment and distracts you from worries but it also produces “Feel good” chemicals in the body and reduces the production of stress hormones. No one needs to look over your shoulder while you make whatever you are making. Be alone if you want to. Create what you feel like creating. If you use colour even better.

Why do you think Spa’s have introduced “Colour therapy” pools and rooms?? I have seen them myself…..it’s just a bunch of coloured lights on the wall BUT colours are soothing to the brain and Spa’s have noticed they can make money off of this. So if you work with colours even better! Use coloured paints, markers, crayons whatever the heck you want! 

This is my latest painting. It is over a meter tall so quite big! It has a lot of beautiful autumn colours throughout and is a very peaceful and warming image. I hope you like it 🙂

Opens Your Eyes:
It isn’t always about doing, but seeing. You don’t need to create anything just go and view some art it’s all around you. Museums, galleries, online, books, train stations, bathrooms, restaurants…… round-abouts (Although you can’t stop and stare there :-P) People spend a lot of time passing art by when really just taking a moment to stop and look and enjoy it could turn that frown upside down.

Through artworks you can open your eyes and hearts to others. You start to see it’s not all about you and that others view things the same or differently.

Art Speaks:
Art can send a powerful message about something. Sometimes the message can be sad, frightening, dark and disturbing. It’s not always bright and beautiful. You may not have really thought about something before. It could take you back to a moment in the past. It could force you to look at reality. It can plant new ideas, stir your emotions and present a different point of view.

This is another of my paintings. I think you can tell I love horses right??

Brings the world closer

Have you ever stopped to look at the beauty in a horses eyelashes, the droplet of water falling from a petal…….or to a lesser extent…. a men’s urinal ……I’m sorry, I will never see that artwork as a favourite of mine R.Mutt. Art can take you to places you have never been and show you things you have never seen. It magnifies the magnificence in the world. It captures its beauty, its pain and its delicate nature in such an awe inspiring way. It tells stories and makes you look at things differently


Art is messy…..Which is Fun!!



Art does things to your body:
Sounds suggestive but no….. I didn’t mean it that way. One thing I found interesting is that studies have been done to show that viewing art has an actual physical effect on the body because when you view it, it can trigger physical responses…. It’s odd but I understand that. I have viewed artworks that have made my heart race and my brain go into day dream land. It can awaken feelings and make the brain produce all kinds of chemicals….tis powerful stuff alright 😉


Getting creative, making things, drawing, painting, sculpting all help to create self’-awareness. They restore calm. There is so much I could say about the benefits of not just trying something creative for yourself but also viewing and surrounding yourself with others creativity. You may even surprise yourself and be better than you think at something.

I hope you enjoy viewing my artworks and that they make you feel happy and peaceful in a world full of craziness.

Let me know what you think and what you would like to see from me in future.

If you have a question about my artworks or would like to commission a piece please feel free to contact me.


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