How to get a Routine going


Routines can be absolutely thrown overboard when life decides to throw you a curve ball. I have made many routines during my life and I love writing myself ‘to do lists and keeping track of different goals I hope to achieve. It’s not always easy to follow but there are some ways you can make it easier. Having a daily plan can help in so many ways. It really does feel very satisfactory to tick something off and think to yourself “yes! it’s done! Whats next?” You don’t sit around wasting as much time and you remain focused. If you have experienced some of life’s hard lessons recently it can be hard to pull your thoughts away from what has just happened. Having a routine can help you look towards the future and stop dwelling on the past.

A routine doesn’t have to be something strict and something that doesn’t allow for fun of spontaneity. It is a guideline to help you make the most of your day. This isn’t a school or work schedule that you are given and must follow, you design it and you can include all the fun activities you need to to feel fulfilled.

There are two types of routine…the hated, depressing routine you allow life to lock you into OR the constructive, helpful and happy routine that is a guideline to your day, that you build and change yourself-

Assess your Situation

First step is figuring out what you currently do as part of your day. Is there areas of the day where you waste a lot of time? Are there areas where you could multitask? Are there times in the day where you run out of energy? Figure out what you would like to include to make the most of your time and at what time of the day this would be best achieved.

Good Sleep Helps!

Make Decisions when you are energised. Now I ain’t saying you have to be running full steam but if you are trying to stick with tasks you have set yourself when all you want to do is lie there and sleep…..good luck to ya! Start when your fresh like morning bread, ready for a good squeeze before you put it in the basket……by far the weirdest description I have ever put on here, but you know what I mean. Putting effort into your bedtime routine should be priority.

Try it, Fly it, You don’t have to buy it.

If plan “A” doesn’t suit your life come up with plan “B” or even as far as plan “Z” if you have to. You might not get it right first time and you may need to keep trying ‘until the shoe fits’ so to speak.

Include Self Care and Everyday Things

People sometimes fill their routine with their working and fitness schedule. You may include classes you take orΒ  something else you like to do and this is all fine but Sometimes this isn’t enough especially if you are someone who struggles to stick with the task at hand. If you include small simple things like time to have a shower, wash your hair, brush your teeth, do a face-mask or eat a good breakfast you can end up feeling happier. If you get swept up with what you see as the ‘main’ things you want to do or achieve during the day you can forget about the small things that get you there and are important too. It also helps you keep a better time schedule.

Don’t get Boring

If you stick with one particular thing every day, at the same time, for a few weeks, yes, it can become a habit BUT you can also get bored of it. When you are doing well with a routine look at it and ask yourself, can I change this or swap it around to keep it interesting?


Chill Out!

If you are loosing it when you stray from your usual or stressing out to keep your routine well then it probably isn’t working for you. Reassess your situation and see if you can swap things around to make life a little easier. Remember a routine is supposed to make your life easier if its acting more as restraints then you outta’ rethink! It’s okay not to get things perfect every day that’s life.

Take a Break from Routine

Wait….What??? you were just saying to get a routine! I know that sounds like the opposite of what I’ve been teaching you BUT if you master your routine and you achieve a lot while doing it you can also use the “breaks” you have built into this routine during the year as a reward. For example when you plan a break with friends or go on a holiday. Have a routine in place for when you get back but it’s nice to know that if you stick with this good things will happen πŸ™‚




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