How to Grow your Nails Long & Strong

Growing long nails can be easy with just a little patience and TLC you can go from declawed kitty to a pointy pawed tiger!

Firstly you need the facts! you are not going to find a magic elixir you can throw on before bed and just wake up to find your nails are now long, strong and perfect. Well at least I don’t think there is one that exists just yet but hay if you find one hook a gurl up!

Your nails grow approximately one eighth of an inch per month and can be affected by everything going on inside and outside your body. This includes hormones, medications and chemicals/harsh soaps that you expose yourself too on a daily basis. Things such as pregnancy can lead to faster nail growth but don’t you go rushing to put a bun the oven just because mamma wants a rhinestone manicure!

Remember that you are a unique individual and that means your rate of growth could be faster or slower compared to someone else and also that just like your hair your nails can be effected by the change in seasons and elements you are exposed to.


Let’s think about it this way your body needs to prioritise its nutrition because it needs to feed all the bodies cells and provide you with energy to basically keep alive and healthy so…. growing your nails would probably be at the bottom of your bodies list especially if you do not provide it with enough proper nutrition to begin with. You need to make sure you consume enough protein rich foods such as beans, fish, lean meats such as chicken, yogurt, milk and cheese.

A multivitamin could potentially help along with Biotin and vitamin E. If you eat a varied diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables then supplementation shouldn’t be too necessary.


Yes it sounds counterproductive but it actually works! and I know this from experience. I am a holistic therapist which means I have to have my nails very short at all times but on the rare occasions when I have gotten to take a break my nails have grown back in amazing condition. There is no point in you trying to save or strengthen nails that are weak, see-through, brittle or breaking just make a decision to cut them off and start fresh because the nail tips you are seeing are dead there is nothing you can do and no amount of strengthening polishing that will restore them or fill them with vitamins so just trust me on this you need to let them go!


No matter how healthy you eat or how many vitamins you take you might still struggle to get long nails and often this can be due to how we treat them on a daily basis. Do you expose them to water or cleaning products every day or do you perform work that causes damage to the nail itself by being pulled, scraped and worn down by the actions you take? Try to protect your nails by wearing gloves or limiting the exposure to certain products. If you regularly apply gel nails this can cause damage and UV light can dry and damage the skin around the nail so you may need to take it easy with the powerful polishes and glues.

If you are a rock climber or you sculpt with your bare hands good luck to you because you will either have to give up your favourite pastime or come to the realisation that having long nails isn’t that big of a deal to you.


Moisturise your hands and keep your body hydrated. You can even try applying an oil such as Vitamin E oil to your cuticles and nails. Also keep nails filed, clipped and neat this will help stop them from breaking.


Product I would recommend:
This Sally Hansen Maximum Growth polish wont grow your nails without all I have mentioned above but I do think its a nice bit of gloss and protection for after you have given your nails a clip.



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