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How to Really Feel Successful

If I was to start this article with the sentence “Most people are living a lie” how would you feel? Would you agree?

What if I told you that for all of you out there who want to achieve success….success is actually unachievable. All you can do is achieve the “feeling” of success and to truly have that you need to stop trying to achieve what you believe is expected of you.

People can go an eternity without really touching base with their true selves and what would really make them feel successful.

People waste so much of their life trying to tie their happiness to measurable things. Things they feel other people measure happiness or completeness by. How much money they have, if they have a fancy car, their own house, how many sun holidays they can go on per year, how much designer gear they can fit in their possibly already overly crowded wardrobe. What is harder to measure is how you feel about yourself. How much happiness do you have in life? Do you feel complete? How successful as a human being are you really?

So how did we get to this place?

A lot of the time our view of what success would be can come from our parents pushing us in a certain direction. They might not have had much growing up or they might have picked your path before you were even born because they had their own views on what you could achieve to make them “feel” successful.

Sometimes our friends or people around us, even the Tv or media we surround ourselves with give us a skewed view of what being successful really means or what it should mean to everyone. In reality we are all individuals and need different things to feel complete or like we have achieved something.

Create who you wish to be! but create truthfully, listen to your heart –

An example could be someone who gets a high paying job after college buys a car and a home and still feels unhappy…..deep down something is missing. That same person might have been meant to do something completely different like travel abroad and help people in various situations but they never felt they could go with their gut instinct or do what they felt was right because they were locked into this place where they were trying to do what society said should be important to them.

They truth is my friends that you could have all that society tells you would deem you a success and still come home and cry yourself to sleep.

It’s scary to chase after what you really want and to chase things in the order that you really want. It’s scary to face those around you who will doubt you or even shut you out because you are not doing what they want or they do not yet understand what you want. It is scary to trust yourself, to have faith that you can make yourself happy and go after what you need to do it.

If you feel like there is a different path for you then research it. Maybe you knew what you wanted all along. Maybe you have pushed your true self so far down you have not talked with you for quite some time. Find people with similar interests and people who have done the things you want to do and it can often give you the courage to pursue what you need or even give you a clearer view of what that decision would really be like.

What will give you a true feeling of success might be simple… it might be having a beautiful family with the one you truly love, having a room in your home where you can let your creative energy flow together. Knowing that you have the deepest possible connection with another human being. Watching your children grow up. Being a kind and charitable person. Filling your home with memories and laughter and travels.

Maybe you want to live in the jungle and study gorillas or fly a little plane around the world or be a secret spy, ninja, blackbelt who has a secret soft side and adopts kittens and sips chamomile tea on his day off….. It’s your life…..did you not know that? 😉

I also want to tell you that it’s okay if you have been chasing the wrong things… that’s part of life and part of learning. It’s never to late to change things for the better. Chase what would make YOU happy and be thankful every day for what you do have and the ability you have to change your future.

Real success comes from really knowing yourself –


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