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Lily’s Cinnamint Tea Review: Tea Tuesday

Well it is about darn time for a wonderful Tea Tuesday review don’t you think? So stick on that kettle and get cozy and comfy my lovelies. Today I am sipping away at my first from Lily’s Tea shop (A lovely Christmas gift from my sister). This is lily’s “Cinnamint” tea a blend of fresh Peppermint, chunks of cinnamon and Liquorice.

While dry it has a distinct mint and cinnamon aroma. It actually smelt exactly like the pure essential oils I blended over Christmas for my clients during work. Christmas in a biodegradable silky pyramid bag yippee!

Yes this is certainly a pretty tea when wet. The chunks of cinnamon and delicate leaves give it a colourful “artsy” appearance……is that an okay discription? It’s been a while guys! The aroma changes completely once dunked into the cup and grassy notes seep into the air, grassy but sweet and still a subtle hint of cinnamon.

Now the moment of truth is upon us and………..oh my………yes my dear Lily you have triumphed.

I was delighted the liquorice didn’t dominate the other flavours which can sometimes happen. Instead this blend was so smooth and silky. The cinnamon is a warming aftertaste on the back of the throat but the peppermint is the main feature.

I can only describe this as a well rounded flavouring. Each note blends perfectly with the other. A “thick” texture sweet in taste. A truly wonderful peppermint tea blend perfect for after dinner and definitely one I will be sipping on a more regular basis.

TEA RATING: A very rare 10 out of 10! Hit the Tea Spot!

As Stated in a previous Tea Review I thought I should include the Benefits of peppermint tea as it is an absolute favourite of mine.


  • Aids Digestion and can stop bloating and gas which is why it is recommended after meals.
    Freshens Breath.
  • Soothes an upset tummy.
  • Aids Weight loss. Peppermint is a natural appetite suppressant and can help you stick to your diet plan.
  • Skin Clearing. Peppermint can raise Estrogen levels in the body and if you have acne caused by a hormonal imbalance drinking this tea could help. It also soothes burns, rashes and other irritations when added to the bath.
  • Soothes a sore throat.
  • Clears the sinuses. Peppermint tea is a natural decongestant.
  • Stress relief. The menthol is Peppermint tea is a natural muscle relaxant it helps with natural stress
  • relief and eases anxiety.
  • Helps you get to sleep.


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