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Meditate with me! Guided meditation for stress relief

Hi everyone, I thought that you might like a guided meditation video as it can very helpful to listen to these types of videos when you had a stressful day or you are having trouble sleeping. It can be also very beneficial for those of you who suffer from anxiety attacks.

I think everyone should have time where they “just be” and do nothing more than let go of tension found within there bodies. There is so much negativity and tension that we can end up holding on to in our daily life and over time it can have a hugely negative impact on our health.

To meditate all you need is:

  1. yourself
  2. a quiet place
  3. Optional mat

I would recommend you place a little pillow or folded blanket under your bum just to give your pelvis a soft tilt as this will help you stay sitting with a great posture comfortably especially if you are a beginner. Sitting with a good posture, opening your chest and relaxing your shoulders back with a tall spine will help you to naturally reduce stress levels and “fight or flight” hormones.

you can chose to meditate anywhere and any time you need to. I would recommend starting small and aim to get on that mat every day 😉 daily meditation can really improve your quality of life and by taking time to remind yourself what’s really important in life and by focusing your mind on more positive thoughts you will find that you feel happier and are much more able to cope with the stresses of life.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and I will be discussing meditation soon again in future articles.

If you like this guided meditation video then let me know so I can make you more as I’d be happy to provide more of these on the website 🙂



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