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Revive Active Supplement Review

While I was at the Evergreen Health Show I discovered a Health food supplement I had not seen before called Revive Active. Having tried many supplements before I was eager to see if this product really had benefits to boast about.

This product claims to be great for boosting your energy, maintaining Skin, Hair and Nails (Anti-ageing), supporting the immune system and promoting healthy heart function. It is also said to be good for mental Clarity and focus.

Revive Active contains high amounts of Vitamin C, 500mg in each daily dose, which is amazing for keeping that immune system up helping you prevent colds and flu. It also promotes faster wound healing and brain health. It is also a powerful antioxidant which protects the bodies cells from damage and plays an important role in eye health and the formation of collagen.

This product is rich in B Vitamins which are the wonderful feel good Vitamins that give you an energy Boost and help you to feel happier. It has been proven that B Vitamins can reduce anxiety, depression and helps prevent memory loss. They are vital to the maintenance of nerves and red blood cells too. Thankfully Revive Active seems to have all the Brain enhancing B Vitamins you would require.

If you are looking for an energy Boost then put down that coffee and try a glass of this in the morning because in addition to the battery starting B Vitamins it also has L-carnitine which converts fat into energy, D-ribose which stimulates energy synthesis, Coenzyme Q 10 which produces ATP for energy and the magnificent Magnesium which reduces tiredness and fatigue.

For all the ladies and gentlemen out there looking for that magic mixture of beautifying ingredients to help you fight off the ravages of time well revive active definitely seems to have something to offer. In addition to Vitamin C it also has Selenium which works to maintain healthy hair and Nails and also Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) which maintains the skin. It also contains Vitamin E a fat soluble Vitamin which helps fight free radicals and protect the bodies cells.

Revive active also contains a combination of ingredients for Heart health including L’Arginine and L’Citulline which aid circulation. It also contains 3.3mg Thiamine which supports healthy Cardiac function.

My experience of Revive active was a very positive one. The only issues I believe are worth noting is it does not contain Iron which for someone like me who has anaemia should be aware of as you should ensure you continue to get your iron intake each day in addition to this supplement. Also one thing I noticed was that when you open the sachet to pour it you lose a bit of product as it simply floats up into the air as you pour it out like a mini dust cloud so I would try my best to cover the top of the glass with my hand to prevent as much product escaping as possible.

The taste of it is very pleasant. My samples were orange and mango flavour. It wasn’t overpowering and was quite tasty. The scent however was not as nice. I would tend to hold my breath when I drank it, it was a subtle smell but just one that was not to my liking. It’s definitely not something that would put you off drinking it.

revive 3

I have to say I was impressed with this supplement and I could see the benefits from taking it. During my trial I experienced more energy and this was something I definitely tested as during the trial I was actually going through a very busy time. What’s notable though is it wasn’t just a slow release of energy that could have happened naturally from foods I ate, I received a noticable boost a short time after taking it.

Another thing I noticed was my nails grew and were the strongest I had ever felt them I even showed them to family members as I thought it was remarkable considering I am an artist and I’m always doing something that breaks my nails off or prevents them from getting too long but they all were growing together and were thicker and the tips were fully white whereas before there would have been those areas that were more transparent. Two of the nail tips alone are over a half a Centimetre long and I have not seen that happen in a while.

My skin was brighter and more evenly toned too and I did not change from my regular skincare routine.

In conclusion I felt great taking these supplements and would love to continue using them. They have a fantastic combination of all the Vitamins, minerals and amino acids that you need all in one convenient sachet and give you a higher dosage than most other supplements. As an entertainer/Blogger/artist, making my own videos, writing, modelling and keeping fit I often keep myself very busy each day I always have a naturally bubbly, energetic personality but like everyone else there is times I need a little boost. Also having a primarily Vegetarian diet with the exception of some shell fish the odd time I wondered if I was getting all the Vitamins I needed. That’s why I can see this supplement being part of my daily routine and I would definitely recommend Revive Active to anyone, especially those who want to want to buy one product instead of having to purchase whole bunch of different bottles of Vitamins and minerals.


revive active

Disclaimer: I was provided with samples to write this review and when provided with samples I will continue to give my full and honest opinion on that product regardless of if it is positive or negative. Companies are asked to be aware of this before providing samples/products.

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  • Reply Barry May 24, 2016 at 16:50

    Hi Cara,

    Thanks this is a useful review.
    That’s interesting re iron, my girlfriend has the opposite problem, too much iron! (Haemochromatosis).
    Vitamin C aids iron absorption so that might be why they didn’t include it as recent reports I’ve been reading are that high Iron is a factor in many diseases.
    Mainstream media are (as usual) a good five years, if not more, behind the curve on this.

  • Reply margaret deane September 18, 2014 at 10:17

    i am taking revive active and i have notices my stools are quiet dark
    is this normal?

    • Reply Cara Lyons September 18, 2014 at 19:49

      Hi Mary yes this is a normal side effect of multivitamin use. If you are taking Iron in addition to the rivive active this too can also cause this effect.

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