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What my Dogs Taught me

I have always had a deep love and kinship with animals. I have had pets from an early age and I never could understand how some people could easily forget, replace or even hurt an animal without feeling any emotion for them.

I don’t think a house could ever feel like home until you have some sort of cute, fuzzy creature sharing your roof or running around hiding your stuff on you.

As a child my best friend was always my dog. I never really fit in at school and at an early age we didn’t really live close to other kids or we moved or they moved, so, being a bit socially awkward and also having a very creative mind, my dogs and other animals became my friends and cheered me up on days when I felt a little low.

So with all that being said here is a few things my dogs have taught me over the years:

You are Worthy of Love

No matter how bad my day went. If I am sad, lonely, angry, embarrassed or depressed I can count on my dog to be there with a tail wagging, waiting with purest Joy and love. There is no judgement with your furry companion, just unquestioned acceptance of who you are. Every time your doggy sees you it won’t matter how long you have been gone they will greet you with the same enthusiasm, jumping, licking, yipping and dancing around. Waiting for play and cuddles. To them you are the most wonderful person and they are your forever friend.

You could be young and beautiful, old and grey, ugly, scarred, ill, deaf, blind, male, female, gay, straight, black white, purple or rainbow coloured…..your doggy will love you just the way you are.

Rosey (Adopted from Madra Dog Rescue, Camus, Co. Galway) She loves baby kittens and likes to be a momma to all babies!

To use your instincts and do what feels good
How wonderful it feels to roll around on the ground or run threw the muck with your best buddy by your side. To be free and embrace your instinctive nature, use your imagination and explore. Some of my favourite childhood memories are wandering around the woods with my dog, lost in my own dreamland.

That if you believe you can you are half way there
I remember one day my dog kurt (a springer spaniel) saw me taking our boat out on the lake. I didn’t realise until I was about half way out that he had actually swam after me and was giving it all he had to reach me! He had no fear because he simply loved me and wanted to follow me. I still remember him coughing and spluttering back on shore but I also remember thinking ….wow! My dog is amazing..He just does brave, he doesn’t think about it. I can’t imagine many guys who would swim out to you across the lake just because you took off in a boat! 😛

To be my silly self
Nothing get’s your doggy’s tail wagging more than being your silly self with him. To be a big kid again. Your dog will love when you run around with them like you are a 5 years old and tell them they are the best boy/girl ever. She will like when you drag a sock along the floor and let her chase it. What’s wonderful is your dog will never hesitate to be his or her, silly self in front of you either, falling over, tearing things up, dragging it’s butt on the floor, chasing a ball they think you have thrown but is actually still in your hand…..yes they can be silly.

Rosey making me laugh with her silliness

To appreciate what you got
Your dog is happy to be with you. He doesn’t care if his kibble costs €10 or €2. He doesn’t care if he has a fancy pet bed or your old jacket. He doesn’t care if you live in an expensive house, if you have a college degree or if you have the latest iphone. He doesn’t get mad if you forgot to buy his flea treatment this week he will just sit there scratching and still think your the best! He just loves to spend time by your side. As humans we waste so much time, energy and money worrying about shallow things and material possessions.

Bailey & Teddy

What a real friend is

A lot of dogs (and other animals) know when you are hurt, they know when you are sad and when you are sick. Some of your pet’s will do their best to protect you, some might not know how. Some dogs will not leave your side even if it means they could die if they stay. Some dogs help fight crime, some are experts at making us laugh, some are there for a kid when they just need to cry or whisper their problems. They have helped the blind see, helped the unloved feel loved, helped the frightened feel safe. Your dog will love you and be happy to see you through all parts of your life even when you are mad at them or forget about them or leave them out in the rain. How many people do you know that would show friendship and understanding like that? We have all heard wonderful real life stories of dogs that have done something special or been there for the person they love until the end.

When it’s time for Furby to die
My dog also taught me that you can eat an entire Furby and poop it out and be okay…..excluding the eyes of the furby of course which you leave for someone to find staring up at them in the garden…..

Thanks FUR reading! I won’t a-PAW-logies for the puns even if you think I’m barking mad. Did I tell you my dog once retrieved a ball from over a mile away?… I know it sounds far-fetched 😛

Please donate to Madra and help a furry buddy out! They do wonderful work and could really use your support. If you are considering getting a best friend always think of adoption first. These guys need forever homes and lots of love.


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