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When you Don’t feel like doing Anything

I am someone who loves to keep creating, I like to follow lists and plans and keep organised but there are days when I just feel like lying there and doing absolutely nothing. It’s like all the air has been sucked out of my hot air balloon and sugar we are going down! This usually ends with me beating myself up internally for the entire day telling myself I am wasting time.

Then one day I decided to reflect on this feeling and try to figure out if it was really a bad thing. Was I missing something? Was I tired? Was I burnt out? Was I low on vitamin B12? Is it actually “Okay” to give yourself some time for……..nothing.

The more I reflected on this “sloth like” moment the more I started to see it differently. I started to realize that these moments do come from somewhere and that the more you try to force yourself to achieve on days like these the harder it is. Your inner you is telling you something.

Does this kind of yearning to do nothing for a little while really mean you are doing nothing??

If you actually allowed yourself to do more nothing, you would be listening, seeing, feeling and healing…..sometimes, doing nothing is hard to do, because it’s actually always doing something – Cara-

I started to think about the events that had led to this recent deflation and then suddenly I started to understand. I am currently missing someone very close to me. I have been physically exerting myself and changed my normal routine for a while. I have also been pouring out my creativity into projects that have literally kept me up until all hours of the night. I am waiting for other things to happen in my life. I am also thinking a lot about how my life is changing or will change and how I am changing as a person……all of this is being processed. Being repaired. Being organised.

Without realising it I have brought myself into a place where my mind and body want to power down and perform updates. You know when you see that annoying update alert pop up on your phone and it won’t go away until you actually do it OR it will eventually do it automatically without your permission. Anyway, I needed to just exist for a while. Just breathe. It’s okay to watch an episode on Netflix and not hate yourself for not working on a way to bring world peace in the last 30 minutes.

There is a time for doing nothing, in the same way, there is a time for action…..there is also a time for chips, dip, beer & good company – Cara –

If you are having a day where you are fighting with yourself, you struggled at work, you didn’t get up early or you didn’t get lots of things you had planned done and you are now feeling like you have to be mean to yourself and feel angry and sad for the day……..don’t! Congratulations your body and mind have given you some restore time and it’s kind of saying you have to take it. There are no buts here…..except my Butt and it is Fiiiinnee!…ahem…..sorry.

If you actually relax on a day when you are getting this feeling you might actually surprise yourself by what happens… this article for example……this happened on a day where I felt like doing nothing….All I had to do was stop fighting against the current and then it carried me here to all of you…..Hi peeps!

So my advice to you when you feel this is to not be so hard on yourself. Stand back and reflect on why it’s here. Yes it’s wonderful to be your own creative powerhouse to be motivated to do things, go to the gym, work hard, achieve, achieve ACHIEVE!! but it is also okay to just go for a walk, watch a movie, play a game, eat a bowl of ice cream, tell your dog it has a fluffly tum tum or rest….just rest my friends.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that if you are feeling down and unmotivated all the time then that is completely different from what I am describing above and that is something your should tell someone about. I would also like to highlight how when you have a day where you just feel like doing nothing the more you fight to produce things or do things usually the worse you feel….this is not a forceful day…. it is not a day for grabbing life by the balls….it is a day for gently tickling life’s balls and holding and caressing them like you would a fluffy kitten…….I am sorry that is not a good description…..or is it??

Just go with the flow. There will be days when your fires burn bright and you can create and conquer and push through 10 things before lunch time… there will be days where you take it easy and one or two great things happen naturally or maybe you just curl up in a ball watching movies eating chocolate all day….none of it sounds that bad though does it?? Try not to be mad when life tells you to take it easy for a day…it’s for a reason. Even if the reason isn’t clear.

Have a very productive Day doing Nothing

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